No. 10 Size Swivel Booklet Staple

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There are swivel swing arm booklet staplers. Here's a short video showing how to use it. Please read the important notes below before purchasing:

IMPORTANT: These take no. 10 size staples. Each stapler will ship two boxes of staples. Each box of staples contains 1,000 pieces. You can purchase a couple more boxes (for a total of four boxes) during checkout.

The staples are not the same size as Standard Staples. These are smaller and are less common in North America. You can purchase additional staples in Amazon or some craft stores. Please research before you purchase.

I don't have that many in the studio - I'm just selling my remaining stock of staples. Purchasing these staplers will help support my Youtube channel. 🙂

I have a few colours you can choose from - Black, Red, and Blue. Please indicate your preferences when you check out using the checkbox options. I'll try to ship you the colour that you want, but you might get a different colour if the ones that you chose are sold out. Hope that is okay!

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