NEW Pindot Press Color Chart (13 Colors)

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This is the latest colour chart showing 13 colours. 10 colours are part of the Pindot Press official colour line-up and include 2-colour combinations of the 10 colours! 3 colours are extra for reference only.

Add a paper sample pack to the order if you need it for printing.

Purchase of this colour chart goes towards supporting the Olivia and Pindot Youtube Channel and Pindot Press. We really appreciate it!

Size: 11x17

Printed on 70# Text White Paper or 70# Text Cream Paper.


  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow
  5. Fluorescent Pink
  6. Melon
  7. Turquoise
  8. Violet
  9. Brown
  10. Teal
  11. Bright Red (Bonus)
  12. Medium Blue (Bonus)
  13. Light Gray (Bonus)

You catch watch the process of making here:

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