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Hi! This is the new site I created so that I can have all of my various projects collected in one place.

It may come as a surprise but in the five years since I started it, I’ve only ever run Pindot Press part-time due to my other commitments.

As Pindot started to grow, it naturally took up more and more of my time and energy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in order for me to be able to keep working on my other projects, I’ve had to consistently pull insane and unhealthy amounts of labour hours. T_T

So, I’ve decided to pull back and cease my “public printing” services for Pindot Press.

I am still actively printing, but I am no longer seeking nor accepting printing requests through Pindot.

I’ll post more about the latest Pindot projects soon (collaborations for children’s books, graphic novels, stationery, zines). I’m still incredibly busy and grateful to be so.

Here are a few of my other projects:

  • More tutorials and vlogs on Youtube focusing on the risograph and other fun creative projects
  • I’ve just completed a certificate in 3D art, so I would like to spend some time honing my skills in that area.
  • Illustrations, paintings, zine projects, and other things I haven’t gotten to just because of how much time I spend running the press (I’ll be posting works in progress here soon.)

If you would like to continue to support Pindot and the content I make, please consider making a purchase or a tip on the STORE. I personally fulfill every single order with gratitude.

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